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Don't worry about downtime due to a nail or a screw onsite, keep your machines working all day with our heavy-duty grade sealant 

Keep your tyres puncture-free with our award-winning tyre sealant, Book today and a member of our team will be out to your home or work within 48hours to seal your tyres!

Keeping your tyres puncture-free 24/7
- Prevents annoying punctures 📌
- Improves fuel economy ⛽️
- Extends tyre life ⏳
- 100% Non-toxic, 95% organic 🌿
- Financial wellbeing increased! 💸

Don't know how much Tyreseal sealant you need? Try out Tyreseal Unit Calculator!

Once you become a Tyreseal customer, we will contact you within 24 hours to choose a time that suits you to get your tyres sealed. We will send out one of our distributors & you will finally have peace of mind!