Puncture Prevention Service In Cavan

Puncture Prevention Service In Cavan

Puncture Prevention

An annoyingly common vehicle-related problem, a puncture is generally caused by driving over sharp debris, such as nails or glass. These objects would pierce the tyre’s rim, causing it to deflate. Although it’s a relatively small problem, a tyre puncture could prove to be dangerous, rendering your vehicle unsafe to drive.

We’re able to carry out puncture prevention in Cavan with our very own sealant products which is consistently in line with official safety regulations. This ensures that all legal standards are met every single time.

Puncture Prevention Cavan -  A Reliable Service to Suit You

Our puncture prevention  sealant is a special blend of polymers which coats and clings to the inner tyre. When a hole occurs in the tyre, under pressure the sealant rushes to go through the hole & at that stage because of factors such as narrow aperture, weight & air pressure, a chemical reaction takes place & the fibers come out of suspension & form a plug in the hole. Behind the visible plug the sealant stays moist, which means that the plug never dries out & falls from the hole. It may be knocked from the hole by a sudden bump or vibration, but during the next turn of the wheel it will seal again. Therefore, sealant acts as a permanent treatment, not a temporary repair. Tyreseal works in the tread area of the tyre only.

Tyrseal is a water based product & can be washed or rinsed from tyres & tubes should a traditional repair be required - because of a large gash or tear. Tyreseal does no harm to tyres or tubes - even to the steel ply parts. Likewise, it actually helps to keep the wheel rims more rust free than normal. Our sealant will seal holes caused by objects with diameters up to more than 6mm. The performance is governed by factors such as weight, air pressure & simply volume of air in a tyre. Previously available products, and most current ones, have simply “fallen apart” at around 55-65mph. Any competitive type product. Which claims to balance wheels as well as seal holes, is making extravagant claims which will cause problems in use.

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