Benefits Of TyreSeal

Puncture Prevention

Keeping your wheels in motion

Tyre Seal has one main objective and that is to ensure all vehicles across Ireland are travelling safely & puncture free, putting customers minds at ease knowing they won’t be stranded on the side of the road with a flat tyre!

Get Protected

Improve Fuel Consumption

Travel further for less

Tyre seal is a quick and highly effective way to keep yourself, your vehicle, and your family safe whilst out travelling on our roads. It decreases your downtime and has also been proven to improve fuel consumption as your tyres remain better balanced.

Go Further
improve fuel consumption

Extend Lifespan of Tyres

Tyres live longer with TyreSeal

Our product guarantees the safety of your tyre and extends the life of your tyre by up to 25%. By automatically sealing punctures in your tyre that would otherwise speed up tyre deterioration you can travel further for longer with TyreSeal.

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extend tyre lifespan

Peace of mind as standard

No worries about punctures

With more and more newer cars coming without a spare tyre the worry of getting a puncture is an issue for more and more drivers... but not with TyreSeal. Get your tyres sealed and start driving with peace of mind as standard.

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drive without worry

Makes Financial Sense

Saving you on repairs, tyres and fuel

With all the benefits of tyreseal you are guaranteed to save money. Whether it is saving on the need to replace or repair tyres due to punctures, saving on fuel efficiency or having longer lasting tyres you are always going to save.

Start Saving
save on tyres with tyreseal