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Tyreseal® - DIY Tyre/Tire Sealant Kit For All Tyre Types

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Tyreseal® - DIY Tyre/Tire Sealant Kit For All Tyre Types
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Taking care of your tyres shouldn’t waste your money or the better half of the day. 

With Tyreseal’s tried & tested DIY tyre sealant formula – it doesn’t have to. 

From the comfort of your driveway to the side of the road, whenever your tires are in need of reinforcement, Tyreseal's DIY Tyre Seal Kit comes to the rescue

Within a matter of minutes, Tyreseal’s innovative formula can fill your tyres cracks, holes, and tears and keep them filled. 

So, say goodbye to pesky repairs, dangerous blowouts, and constant replacements – Tyresealed tyres take care of themselves.



Things to know about Tyreseal’s DIY Tyre Sealant Kit:

  • Goes easy on tires and the environment: 100% Non-toxic & 95% organic tyre sealant formula.
  • More than enough in every kit: each DIY Tyre Sealant kit contains enough sealant to serve one car or two bikes.
  • Helps your tires go the distance: Not only is the formula proven to fill holes and punctures up to 6mm in diameter, but it also minimises future damage while increasing tire life by 25%.
  • Simple & Intuitive application: Tyreseal’s DIY Tyre Seal kit takes the headache out of DIY. Simply visit Tyreseal’s website at Tyreseal.ie to get a step-by-step guide on how to apply our tyre sealant correctly.
  • Join the ranks of Tyreseal’s satisfied customers: Tyreseal’s DIY Tyre Seal Kit has the honour of protecting legions of vehicles worldwide. 
  • Fast delivery: shipped within 3 – 5 days so you can get right to sealing!

How does it work?

    How To Install our DIY Kit® 

    Step 1

    Place The Pump into the 20Ltr container and twist the threaded socket clockwise onto the container thread until hand tight The pump is calibrated to inject 4 units of sealant for each complete downward stroke. There are 34 units in one life

    Step 2

    Clip the dispensing end of the flexible tube onto the return fitted to the pump body and open the ON/OFF switch

    Step 3

    Switch Open Switch Closed

    Step 4

    To prepare a new or clean pump, work the handle up and down several times until the flexible tube fils with sealant. The excess sealant will return to the container via the return outlet Close the ON/OFF switch

    Step 5

    With the dispensing clip ready to fit onto the valve, remove the valve core by turning anti-clockwise using the valve core remover tool supplied with each pump

    Step 6

    Once the valve core is removed, quickly clip the dispensing end over the valve to stop any further air loss and open the ON/OFF switch. The pump will inject sealant against air pressures up 90 PSI so no need to deflate the Tyre.

    Step 7

    Depress the pump handle to apply the correct amount of sealant for that particular Tyre, according to the downloadable installation charts located on the technical page of our website The pump is calibrated to inject 4 units of sealant for each downward stroke

    Step 8

    Once installation is complete. Close the ON/OFF switch and remove the dispensing end. Quickly replace the valve core to stop any further air loss


    Mobile Service: We come out & do it for you. We put the sealant where you put in your air.

    DIY Kit: All come with instructions so don't worry about not being able to do it.

    Yes we do, this sealant will last the lifetime of your tyres!

    No, Tyreseal® does not cause your tyres to be unbalanced

    When a tyre is punctured, Tyreseal coats the surface of the penetrating object, thus preventing air loss.

    Yes of course, why not?


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