Car Tyre Puncture Repair Price

Car Tyre Puncture Repair Price


Getting a puncture or flat tyre is never fun. And, if it’s a nail that pierced through your tyre, it needs fixing quick smart. Here we look at the average car tyre puncture repair price in Ireland. If you notice a nail puncture your tyre while you’re driving, you may be able to fit the spare to get you home. But you’ll want to get your tyre repaired as soon as possible. In many cases tyre repair is possible but, if the puncture is bad or in the wrong place, you’ll need a brand new tyre.

Car tyre puncture repair price is not as expensive as you may fear, but it will take some time out of your day. On average, tire puncture repair will cost you between £20-£45 per tyre. The repair will involve getting the tire sealed. If the puncture damage is beyond repair, then the car tyre puncture repair price of getting a nail in your tyre will most likely increase, as you’ll need to pay for a brand new tyre. Whatever the damage, we always recommend shopping around for the best price for the repair.

The repair itself is a relatively simple exercise - the hole is plugged with fresh rubber before being checked and re-inflated - but in order to be done safely and correctly it is best left to the experts. Get a professional’s opinion and service for peace-of-mind. Book your car in for a tyre check and/or tyre repair at Tyreseal. We are proud to be Irelands most trusted tyre sealant company based in Co Cavan & covering all 32 counties in Ireland. Call our friendly support team 24/7 at 1800-938-775.

Affordable Car Tyre Puncture Repair Price at Tyreseal

Have you ever experienced a sudden tyre puncture in the middle of the road? Did you notice a flat tyre right when you are leaving from work? Looking for an affordable car tyre puncture repair price?

We understand the stress you undergo when there is a sudden problem with your vehicle, especially when it’s a car tyre puncture or a flat tyre. Our comprehensive range of car puncture repair Ireland services are not only ideal for all kinds of vehicles but are also cost-effective and prompt. For safety reasons today, tire manufacturers require a plug-patch repair. First, a rubber stem (a.k.a., a plug) must be applied to fill the puncture, and second, a patch must be applied to seal the inner liner. A plug by itself is not an acceptable nor safe repair.

Repairing tires this way properly and safely seals the puncture on both the inside and outside. But it also means we have to remove the tire from the rim to access the damaged area. As you can imagine, this involves a lot more steps—and time—than it used to. If you view your tire and you see that the hole or puncture is less than ¼ in diameter, then installing a Tyreseal is the best way to go. Not to mention, the tyre sealant cost is significantly lower than other tire repair options.

After placing a Tyreseal, you have just chosen an inexpensive option to repair your damaged tire. This fix can be expected to last the lifetime of the tire. This enhances the benefits of using a tyre sealant – besides the low tyre sealant cost, you also get a long-time guarantee and fix regarding the issue.

Our trusted technicians find out the car puncture and start working on it effectively to deliver robust solutions. Our car puncture repairing service is available to the people of Ireland throughout the week, 24/7. So, get rid of your tyre puncture worries now!