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Puncture Repair


A common car-related problem, a puncture is typically caused by a tyre driving over sharp debris, glass or nails which pierce the rim of the tyre and cause it to deflate. Although it is small in size, a tyre puncture can have dangerous consequences, quickly making a vehicle unsafe to drive. If your tyres have suffered from a puncture and are in need of a thorough puncture repair, look no further than the experts at Tyreseal to get you back on the road.

Now you can go on long drives without worrying about deflation of tires with Tyreseal. Various types of tire repairing tools are used for various purposes -removing and installing stems as well as valve cores, deflating tires and tubes, removing break beads, cores, and repairing tire punctures. Tyreseal can prove to be quite helpful at dealing with tires. Tyreseal stocks a wide selection of sealants.

Tyreseal helps you become self-reliant to some extent when it comes to maintaining your vehicles. Overcome tire hindrances and discover the power of your vehicles with Tyreseal. Tyreseal are aesthetic tools, smartly made to give you smooth tire repairing experiences. They can come handy when you are up for a DIY tire restoration.

Buy Tyreseal to restrain from relying on mechanics for trivial tire issues! Go and mend your vehicles’ tires yourselves. Our products can often save the day, especially when you are stuck in the middle of an abandoned road with a tire mishap. You would fall in love with the variety of latest Tyreseal available in our website. These products also come with warranty that make them reliable and boost confidence among customers.

At Tyreseal, you get to choose from distinct categories of sealants and vehicles. It welcomes all of its customers, whether they be end-users or distributors. Anything which you are looking for is here. Invest in proficient puncture repair tools, suitable for all types of tires and tubes.


In some situations, your tyre can be repaired rather than replaced. It depends on where the damage is and how bad it is.

All tyres can get punctures and this is an unavoidable fact of motoring. Worn or over inflated tyres are more likely to suffer from punctures whereas tyres that are well maintained and kept in good condition suffer from less punctures.

In many cases punctures can be repaired safely within the tyre manufacturer’s recommendations and the regulations or standards concerning safe tyre repairs and methods. We only repair tyres that sit completely within these rules for your safety and peace of mind.

In order to determine whether a tyre can be repaired safely, the tyre must be removed from the wheel and inspected thoroughly inside and out.

Once established that the tyre can be repaired and the damage is located in the allowed repair zone, we will mend the puncture and refit the tyre to the wheel and balance the whole assembly before refitting to the vehicle.

Some types or brands of tyres and damage of tyres cannot be repaired safely according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and should be disposed of if punctured or damaged.

Liquid puncture sealants should only be used as a temporary repair solution in order to drive at a moderate speed, to a specialist. The advanced technological sealing capabilities of Tyreseal stand on guard to seal punctures as they happen. When a tyre is punctured, Tyreseal coats the surface of the penetrating object, thus preventing air loss.

When the puncturing object is removed, the rubber recovers and the wound immediately closes, escaping air siphons Tyreseal into the puncture. Tyreseal’s abilities & performance is not diminished with speed, distance or time.