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Puncture Repair Donegal


We understand that accidents happen all the time and you may hit a pot hole or a nail on the road which will cause a puncture to your tyre. This doesn’t always mean a new tyre is required as we are able to repair punctures to tyres which is more cost effective.

If your tyre is repairable, the puncture repair cost is minimal compare to having to buy a new tyre. Tyre punctures maybe repairable if the tyre has been punctured by something small like a nail or a screw, and not something large like a piece of broken glass or running into a curb or pothole. If the puncture has happened in the central area of the tread, and not near the edges or in the sidewall the tyre maybe repairable and if the tyre has not been driven on when flat as this causes the sidewalls of the tyre to be weakened making a repair unsafe.

Tyreseal is an advanced chemical solution specially formulated and designed to seal holes instantaneously in the tread area of a pneumatic tyre as the tyre is revolving, thereby eliminating the problem of tyre deflation.

The environmentally safe solution comprises specially treated materials of the highest grade. The Tyreseal product contains a rust inhibitor for anti-corrosion purposes, adhesion agents, gums and preservatives. These materials together with secret constituents and solids are held in suspension to provide a carefully engineered matrix.

Tyreseal has been designed to function at normal, low and high temperatures without suffering any separation, freezing, balling up and deterioration.

We are certified to perform all puncture repair Donegal which ensures the highest levels of safety at all times. We will thoroughly inspect your tyre before considering a repair & offer free examinations and advice. Contact us today for more information.

Professional Puncture Repair Donegal by Tyreseal - The Permanent Tyre Sealant

At some point in the life of your vehicle, you're more than likely to encounter a punctured tyre. At Tyreseal, our qualified engineers are here to help.

Depending upon the tyre damage, a pre-defined quantity of Tyreseal is applied to the tyre and/ or inner tube via the valve system.

After application, Tyreseal will remain as a reservoir at the bottom of the motionless tyre. As the vehicle is driven and the tyre revolves, the thixotropic nature (thinning out when put into motion) of Tyreseal will cause the product to coat the inner surface of the tyre. Due to centrifugal forces, Tyreseal will move around the tyre interior providing a main body of sealant protective, ready to seal any hole.

When a puncturing object pierces the tread area of the tyre, air pressure forces the Tyreseal product into the hole where the tyre sealant compresses to form a permanent airtight seal. The sealing action is virtually instantaneous and minimal air pressure is lost.

When you catch a minimally-damaged flat tire or a nail early, you can prevent further issues by getting a quick puncture repair.

To book a puncture repair Donegal, or for any other enquiries, call our award-winning support team 24/7 at 1800-938-775.