Puncture Repair Service In Kildare

Puncture Repair Kildare


A puncture is one of a driver’s most frustrating experiences. Especially as it’s often discovered just when we want to go somewhere. Flat tyres mostly occur when a nail, screw or glass splinter pierces the tyre casing. The air escapes, and the tyre deflates. The good news is, if it occurs within the tread area the puncture can be repaired quickly and easily. Our staff will inspect the puncture and advise whether it can be repaired, or if the tyre will need to be replaced.

If repair is possible, we’ll make it our priority to get your tyre injected with Tyreseal and get you on your way as quickly as possible. Once Tyreseal has been installed, it lies dormant at the bottom of the tyre until the vehicle is first driven. Once driven a minimum of three to five miles, Tyreseal disperses throughout the inner tyre and forms a coating on the inner surface of the tyre assembly. In order to get sidewall coverage, it takes 1500+ miles to activate the FlexxaGel to adhere to more of the inner tyre. The flexing of the tyre and the normal heat build-up allows Tyreseal to seek out and eliminate common air loss problems (referred to as porosity, air migration and bead leaks).

Tyreseal then transforms the tyre assembly into a sealed air chamber, capable of maintaining proper air pressure. Thereafter, Tyreseal conditions the rubber in order to retard dry rot and aging (hardening) of the casing. One treatment will provide additional longevity and cooler running tyres for the legal tread life of the tyre.

Reliable Puncture Repair Kildare

Are you looking for Puncture Repair Kildare for your vehicle? Unexpected tyre punctures are a frustrating affair, not to mention crushing when you are already in a hurry. Our 24/7 puncture repair service in Kildare, Ireland thus offers a quick and efficient solution, so you don’t have to stay stranded.

Your puncture repair is not only accessible but also affordable with us. Tyreseal comes prepared with quality products and skilled staff to serve you with puncture repair on priority. Your search for puncture repair near me in Kildare ends with us!

Tyreseal is a special blend of polymers with tiny strands of coarse surface synthetic fibers which coats and clings to the inner tyre. It is a non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-corrosive. As a result, it does not damage your tyres, rims or tyre pressure monitoring system.

The sealant works using centrifugal force (as the wheels turn when you are driving) to coat the entire inside surface of the tyre. When there is a puncture, the fiber in the sealant will react with the rubber to seal up the puncture wound. And unlike temporary sealant, which requires you to change the tyre as soon as possible, Tyreseal allows you to carry on using your tyres as per normal. The sealant is also capable of dealing with multiple punctures.

At Tyreseal, we are providing assistance with our puncture repair Kildare services for years and garnered high customer satisfaction. Reach us for any puncture repair or related issues for steadfast solutions and book an appointment with us.