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How Do Puncture Repair Kit Works?

Puncture Repair Kit


If you’ve got a new car, you’ll likely have a tyre puncture repair kit in it instead of a spare wheel. It’s no longer a legal requirement to carry a spare tyre and jack in your car. Theoretically puncture repair kits are easier and quicker than replacing the wheel itself. But they can be confusing to use and aren’t suitable for all types of puncture.

Puncture repair kits include a bottle of sealant and a compressor to inflate the tyre. There are a couple of different types of sealant; water based foam sealant and latex sealants. Here at Tyreseal we will repair a tyre, providing it is safe to do so, that has been repaired with our very own sealant products. This is because sealants can be removed from inside of the tyre easily and do not leave any permanent damage meaning it can be repaired safely.

However, bear in mind that puncture repair kits are that they don’t repair every type of puncture. If it’s a small puncture, the repair kit should help. It won't work if your tyre has blown out, of if the wheel structure is damaged.

Browse the range of puncture repair kits and sealants and suitable for all-wheel setups, and never get caught out again. Everything you need to save the ride when your tyre gives up the ghost. Pack a puncture repair kit in your ride pack or store one in your bar ends with our range of puncture repair and sealant options.


If you hit an obstacle with a wheel, or a nasty pothole, the tyre may deflate quickly. You’ll likely feel a tug on the steering wheel and will probably hear it as well – a bang followed by a repeating ‘thwump-thwump’ sound. If the tyre is deflating slowly, due to a nail or other sharp object stuck in the tyre, the steering may just feel heavier than usual or drag to one side. Either way, you need to pull over and stop as soon as possible.

Turn your engine off, put your hazard lights on, engage the handbrake and put the car into first gear (or 'park' if you drive an automatic).   

Make sure everyone is out of the car, safely away from the road, and put a warning triangle on the road if you have one. What you do next will depend on whether your car has a spare tyre or, as many modern cars do, a puncture repair kit.  

It will also depend how badly the tyre is damaged: puncture repair kits only work with small holes, so if you can see a visible slash in the tyre and have no spare, you should call a breakdown service.

Whilst it’s difficult to predict a breakdown, we can help you prepare for dealing with them. Many problems that arise on the road can be fixed with a little planning ahead and that’s when our puncture repair kits are so essential for getting you moving again. Keep one of our Tyreseal in your kit for peace of mind on long journeys and see to any minor bumps, cuts or grazes with our useful first aid kits.