The Puncture Repair Kit Contents

Puncture Repair Kit Contents


Picking up a puncture and having to change a wheel at the side of the road used to be a rite of passage for drivers. It’s a relatively straightforward task if you know what you’re doing and you’re familiar with whatever tyre rescue equipment is tucked away in your boot. A full size spare wheel or a space saver is one thing but what if your car only has a puncture repair kit to get you out of trouble? The prospect of using one fills many people with horror, but it needn’t.

Advances in tyre technology and improved road surfaces have over the years reduced the frequency of punctures, but they’re still a relatively common occurrence. However, while larger cars and SUVs may often carry a full-size spare, many motorists are driving around with temporary space-saver wheels and tyres, while plenty of manufacturers no longer fit spare wheels at all to certain models.

Instead, digging around under the boot floor will reveal a canister of ‘gunk’, usually accompanied by a pair of disposable gloves, and sometimes by a portable compressor that plugs into your car’s accessory power socket/cigar lighter. Welcome to what your vehicle’s handbook will optimistically refer to as ‘The Puncture Repair Kit’.

We say optimistically because, although in very many cases a puncture repair kit can be a godsend that gets you out of trouble fast, in a significant proportion of punctures a can of sealant simply won’t be up to the job. Even when a tyre sealed and re-inflated at the roadside does hold air, it’s only a temporary fix and it’s then imperative to get the tyre off the car and repaired professionally as soon as possible.

Puncture repair kit contents include a bottle of sealant and a compressor to inflate the tyre. There are a couple of different types of sealant; water based foam sealant and latex sealants. Here at Tyreseal we will repair a tyre, providing it is safe to do so, that has been repaired with our very own sealant products. This is because sealants can be removed from inside of the tyre easily and do not leave any permanent damage meaning it can be repaired safely.

Puncture Repair Kit Contents

Now you can go on long drives without worrying about deflation of tyres with these tyre repair kit. Various types of tyre repairing tools are used for various purposes -removing and installing stems as well as valve cores, deflating tyres and tubes, removing break beads, cores, and repairing tyre punctures. Puncture repair kit can prove to be quite helpful at dealing with tyres. Tyreseal stocks a wide selection of tyre repair kit from renowned suppliers.

Puncture repair kit helps you become self-reliant to some extent when it comes to maintaining your vehicles. Overcome tyre hindrances and discover the power of your vehicles with tyre repair kit. Puncture repair kit are aesthetic tools, smartly designed to give you smooth tyre repairing experiences. They can come handy when you are up for a DIY tyre restoration.

Employ puncture repair kit to restrain from relying on mechanics for trivial tyre issues! Go and mend your vehicles’ tyres yourselves. Puncture repair kit can often save the day, especially when you are stuck in the middle of an abandoned road with a tyre mishap. You would fall in love with the variety of latest tyre repair kit available at Tyreseal. These products also come with quality certifications that make them reliable and boost confidence among customers.

At Tyreseal, you get to choose from distinct categories of tyre repair kit. It welcomes all of its customers, whether they be end-users or wholesalers. Anything which you are looking for is here. Invest in proficient tyre repairing tools, suitable for all types of tyres and tubes.