What Is Self-Sealing Tyres?

Self-Sealing Tyres


Doesn’t matter if you spend north of a million dollars or a few thousand bucks on a car, because a petty, scourge of a nail, would still hold the power to bring the buzz to a halt. While things may not look so grim with Run Flat tyres, punctures are still a big cause of worry for the car owners.

Self-sealing tyres are a variation of Run-Flat technology, which allows you to continue driving despite a minor puncture of your tire. Designed with standard tire construction, self-sealing tires have a great feature on the inner lining of the tire—an extra lining of sticky gel-like polymer sealant.

If the tire is punctured, the sealant immediately fills the void, coating it and forming a permanent seal. This revolutionary innovation does away with your tire losing air, causing you to pull over and replace the tire with a spare.

Due to the fact that these tires are designed to seal immediately, you may never even know your tire was punctured. Even if you have self-sealing tires, you still have to drive safely, but it does afford you valuable peace of mind.

As of now, there are products like tyre sealant which prevent flat tyres by sealing the hole with a gel. Here at Tyreseal, our product guarantees the safety of your tyre and extends the life of your tyre by up to 25%. The gel dries and cures to a firm, flexible and rubber consistency which means the seal will flex with the puncture causing no air loss over time. If you would like to ask a question or arrange a booking, simply fill out the quick form found in Contact Us page with the details of your enquiry and we will respond to you as soon as possible.


Tires are responsible for the smooth movement of your vehicle. You may get a flat tire on several instances, which is very frustrating. Well, this usually happens because most tires have a tube filled with air. Stepping on sharp objects or extreme expansion are some of the things that may cause a flat tire. There have been several improvements with new sets of tires that keep you going even after a puncture being produced.

One of the good things about self-sealing tires is that you can mix them with traditional tires of your vehicle. They are commonly used in tubeless tires, which makes it suitable for such. You will still have the right wheel balance when you mix self-sealing tires with the old type.

There are cars that usually come with a pressure tire monitoring system while others don’t have. Self-sealing tires are the best for vehicles that don’t have a pressure tire monitoring system. There is no need to worry about experiencing a puncture because the sealant works instantly to prevent your tires from going flat.

The self-sealing type contains a sealant that plugs the hole or opening once you get a puncture. A tire sealant is a type of thick liquid that can be refilled. It is usually filled into the tire and starts distributing evenly when your wheel is spinning. They are commonly used in tubeless tires. Tyreseal is one of the best options to use in your car and stay free from punctures.

Tyres treated with Tyreseal last considerably longer, and cooler tyres are also less susceptible to punctures. Tyreseal is water based for easy clean out if ever you need to do this and is installed in minutes through the tyre valve with very little air loss and without removing any wheels.