Repair Puncture Tyre From Us

Tyre Puncture Repair


Car journeys are one of the greatest pleasures of traveling. Perhaps, it is the constant innovations of the automobile industry that have allowed us to travel even the long distance at ease. Be it the small chore or the long mile, people often prefer to travel by car. This is majorly due to the comfort and convenience they bring on board.

However, not every journey is as smooth as expected. There are instances when something goes wrong with the car, leading us to be stranded in the middle of nowhere. It is found that the tyre punctures are often the culprits of the cause in most cases. Perhaps, it is one of the most frustrating inconveniences that could happen to one on the road.

At Tyreseal, we only sell high quality emergency puncture repair kits and sealants. We aim to provide the perfect service that you want to tell your friends about when we offer a sealant installation r or anything else! We know you'll be impressed with the service you get from us; we'll fix your tyre promptly and professionally at an incredible and affordable price, so you can drive off in comfort and security. There is no need for a replacement tyre when you have a puncture that can be repaired, and when you choose us, you know we’ll let you know if a puncture repair is possible and advisable by taking a look at your tyre. 


Punctures in your tyre should be fixed immediately. Even a small hole can lead to a dangerous blowout at high speeds. But not all damage requires a complete tyre replacement.

Mobile tyre shop can fit new tyres at home, work, anywhere. However, you might not realise that our technicians are fully trained to assess and repair punctures, too.

This is not a roadside assistance service with a temporary outcome. If your tyres are in good nick and are repairable, our puncture repairs are permanent and professional, and comply with all Irish safety standards. They’re also fully guaranteed.

Please note that not all tyres are repairable – but we never want to leave you stranded.

The punctures location will have an impact on whether it is repairable, as long as the puncture is on the main tread of the tyre it is repairable, however, if it is on the outer edge of the tyre it cannot be repaired.

Our engineers inspect tyres with precision. We exclude any tyres which have been permanently damaged because post repair safety is our priority. Those which fall under following criteria are then ready to be repaired:

  • It is still above the legal tread depth
  • There is no bead damage
  • There is no other ageing or deterioration on the tyre


Inspection is vital and our tyre engineers will take their time examining the tyre to ensure we have your safety as top priority.


Don’t panic if you end up having a puncture. A tyre sealant kit will be present under the boot floor instead of a spare tyre. Using a tyre sealant kit from Tyreseal is much easier than replacing a punctured tyre with a spare one, provided you read the instructions properly.

Once installed, the Tyreseal forms a protective layer inside the tyre. When a puncture occurs, the internal pressure of the tyre instantly pushes the sealant into the cavity. The special fibers and mica particles accumulate and bond to the rubber in the cavity. A solid rubber plug is formed through the full depth of the puncture hole. This forms a more secure and superior repair than a traditional plug that is inserted from the outside of the tyre.

Tyreseal has the ability to coat more of the inner surface of a tyre and rim without succumbing to shear and stress associated with centrifugal force that is created within a high speed rotating tyre. Tyreseal’s attributes are unparalleled in the history of the pneumatic tyre.