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At Tyreseal, we understand how important it is to choose the right tyres and maintain them properly so you can stay safe, legal and comfortable while out on the road. Whether you own a car, motorcycle, SUV, 4x4 or camper van, we’ve got tyres, services and expertise that you can trust and depend upon.

When you need a new set of tyres, we’re  one stop shop for replacements. We stock one of the largest ranges of tyres in the Virginia, Co Cavan, Ireland so we’re bound to have the right ones for your vehicle. Whether you need high performance tyres for a luxury sports car or a dependable budget option to equip your van with extra stability, there’s a range of options no matter how much you’re looking to spend.

Once you’ve decided which tyres are right for your vehicle we seek to make your purchase as pain-free as possible by offering free fitting when you buy two tyres or more. You can have your new tyres fitted through our mobile fitting service at a time and place of your choosing. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to come to us, you can drop into your local auto centre to have your new tyres fitted.

Once you’re up and running with your new tyres, we strongly recommend checking them on a regular basis so you can be sure there is sufficient tread depth and that there is no visible wear and tear. If you’re unsure or want to have your tyres looked at, you can take a look at our tyre advice resources or drop into your local auto centre where our expert technicians will be more than happy to assist you. We also provide a range of tyre services such as wheel balancing and alignment and puncture repair.

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Tyres are essential to ensure road safety of you, your passenger, pedestrians and other road users. All tyres age and wear out, but proper use will extend their life. With correct maintenance and suitable driving style to match the conditions, they will carry you further and need changing less often.

At Tyreseal, we specialise in the online sale and supply of great value sealant for your Virginia Tyres. We know you want total customer satisfaction. Most of all, we know you want genuine value for money. That is why motorists all over Ireland come to us when they are buying their tyres online.

Through our extensive market research and feedback from our customers, we know we offer unbeatable prices on our full range of car, van and jeep tyres. And a 100% satisfaction guarantee and you now know you’ll be receiving the very best tyres on the market at great prices.

Here at Tyreseal, we understand how frustrating it can be when there's a fault with your car, which is why we offer a number of car repairs near you to help keep you on the road or at home in Virginia Co Cavan. If you think there might be a problem with your vehicle, we offer a car check to diagnose the problem and advise on the best course of action. Whether a light has come on your dashboard, your engine is making an unusual sound, or your car just isn't driving quite right - our trained technicians will diagnose the problem before it escalates.

From engine servicing to repairing the steering and suspension - we can carry out a number of different mechanical and electrical repairs to the highest standard, using the latest equipment and high-quality parts - with many parts being delivered the same day. Additionally, all our work is covered by our quality guarantee. Contact us today to book an appointment.