What To Expect.

What To Expect From Tyreseal

  • Qualified Engineer that will call to your home or work to install your sealant
  • Full Tyre & valve safety inspection on arrival from our engineer.
  • Each tyre will be pressure tested before it is sealed to ensure maximum safety 
  • Each tyre will be inserted with the exact amount of high-speed sealant to insure maximum performance
  • Once sealed each tyre will be pressure tested to the manufactures recommendation
  • New valve caps fitted
  • Receive a safety report and cert from our engineer,
  • Each tyre has now been installed with your high performing sealant guaranteed puncture free from objects up to 6mm.

High Performance Grade

This by far one of our most popular grades, to date we have installed our high performing sealant in the thousands of Irish vehicles from Motor bikes, cars & vans, this has definitely become Ireland's most sought after product due to so many vehicles on the road today with no spare wheel. Installation only takes a few minutes, and you will have the peace of mind for lifetime of the tyre. This is a must have for those with no spare wheel. Sealing holes up to 6mm.


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Medium Speed Grade

This grade is again quite popular for our customers with HGVs. Our medium grades has been installed into hundreds of heavy good vehicles including buses & coaches. This grade seals holes up to 15mm and is durable for speeds of up to 90mph. Our medium grades is an essential product for those vehicles which would be used on construction sites, quarries and other practical working sites. just like our high performing grade our medium grade just minutes to install quick and easy installation for long lasting safety results for your heavy duty tyres. This sealant will not just save you time and money but could save your business!


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Low Speed Grade

 This grade is a thicker more durable grade for the likes of tractor tyres dump trucks & other heavy vehicles with thicker tyres such as off-road motorized bikes, quads, golf buggies and ride on lawnmowers. This grade seals up to 10mm on smaller tyres 20mm on medium sized tyres ad 30mm on large tyres/ The durability of the grade is up to 55mph on all vehicles it is installed in , again taking mere minutes to install into your tyres when need for a safe yearly guarantee!

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