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Tyreseal® Gift Card For All Tyre Types

Tyreseal® Gift Card For All Tyre Types

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Our gift cards are delivered instantly so you don't have to worry about them not arriving on time - the perfect last-minute gift


Your tyres carry you everywhere - it’s about time you gave them the Tyre Loving Care (TLC) treatment.
With Tyreseal’s high-grade tyre sealant, you can prolong their life and possibly your life in just a few simple pumps.
As the tyre sealant infuses into the cracks and holes of day-to-day wear, it not only rewinds the clock but puts a halt to it.
The perfect gift for anyone who has a car with 4 wheels!

What does each gift card get?

  • Tyreseal's award-winning sealant (No more punctures!)
  • FREE mobile installation from one of our experts
  • The choice to redeem it whenever (They don't expire like others!)
  • FREE tyre check (Usually costs €29.99)
  • INSTANT delivery (no need to worry about shipping times & postage)

How do I know what gift card to buy?

  • €100: Small Car (Example: Audi A1)
  • €120: Medium Car (Example: Mazda 6 Saloon)
  • €150: Large Car (Example: Range Rover)
  • Or simply just for money towards your gift receivers sealant!

Some things to know about Ireland’s No.1 most-trusted tyre sealant:


  • Durable: Weathers all outdoor elements, even in sub-zero temperatures.
  • Prolongs tyre life by 25%: Slows tyre ageing significantly using strands of coarse synthetic fibres that interlock for optimal steel-like strength. 
  • Lasts as long as your tyre: Warranty guaranteed. 
  • Compatible with all types of tyres: Tyreseal’s tyre sealant has been utilised in virtually every conceivable pneumatic tyre, accumulating millions of miles, in major fleets around the world, without any premature failure or adverse effects to the tyres or rims of cars, bikes, motorcycles, campervans, trucks, etc.
  • Prevents potentially devastating tyre blowouts: Allows air to bleed safely from the tyre in lieu of instantaneous blowouts, keeping you and your vehicle’s occupants safe.
  • Does not contain adhesive or chemicals: 100% toxin-free.
  • Optimises fuel economy: Healthy tyres have improved ground-holding, making your journey safer and cheaper.
  • Blocks cracks, holes, and punctures up to 6mm in diameter.
  • Tyreseal will send out a trained engineer to apply the sealant properly while performing minor free tyre-oriented maintenance checks.
And last but not least – Tyreseal puts your money back where it belongs: in your pocket.
Get this perfect gift for Christmas for your loved ones to make sure their tyres are sealed!

How does it really work?

How Does It Work?

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